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Eastasia to South America

Vernissage incl. Apéro: 18. July – 18h
Exhibition: 18. July – 30. August 2019
Neurophysio Praxis Biland/Kestenholz, Poststrasse 6, 4460 Gelterkinden
Please call ahead to arrange your visit.

As an NGO Photographer, I travel around the world with charitable organisations like the Embolo Foundation or Cuisine sans frontières to document their projects to raise funds in order to help children, orphans, hospitals, refugee camps and more.

Inbetween those projects visits, there is sometimes a little time to indulge in the fantastic nature just a stone throw away from them. In that time, Pictures like those in the exhibition are made. When I am not travelling, I work as a photograpger in Switzerland and cover mostly weddings, events, maternity shots, newborn or portraits.

All pictures will be hanging until the end of august and they can be bought. A Percentage of each sale goes directly to the respective charitable NGO and their projects.

Those NGOs are:

Pictures 1-6:
Sanddunes in Mongolia:
Missionari della Consolata, Ulaanbaatar

Pictures 7 & 8
Horses in Mongolia:
Missionari della Consolata, Ulaanbaatar

Pictures 9 & 10
Green Lebanon:
Cuisine sans frontières/Soufra Kitchen, Beirut

Pictures 11-13
Wild Kenya:
Missionari della Consolata, Maralal

Pictures 14-17
Altiplano Bolivia: Bolivia Digna, Cochabamba

Picture sizes:
All pictures are 50 x 70cm, except the 2 blue ones from Kenya (40 x 60cm) and the Panorama from Bolivia (140 x 70 cm)

CHF 250 per Picture
CHF 290 Panorama Bolivia

If you like to buy one of those, please contact me below for Bank details.

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