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Flavia Müller

I am a passionate photographer. My work covers a wide range of photography: portraits, reports, all kinds of events, food and product photography, weddings, company photos, family portraits and much more. Through my empathic nature, I create a relaxed and familiar ambiance on location.

Personally, I am strongly involved in the areas of humanitarian work, environmental issues, nature and animal welfare as well as sustainability in all areas.

With my pictures I want to transport emotions, bringing people to open their hearts and to react. The reactions I seek are versatile. This can be a simple gesture, a smile, a tear, or an action, such as a donation to a humanitarian or environmental project.

Over the past 20 years, I have regularly visited all the continents of the world, got to know and document foreign cultures and customs, and thus massively expanded my horizons in human, culinary and cultural terms. This is part of my work as a photographer and gives my work more depth. My empathy and understanding for different groupings and dynamics at various occasions testify to this.

I am an independent photographer with a background and many years of experience in event management and communication. Occupationally and personally, I am strongly involved in the topics of sustainability, zero waste, wildlife and nature, human rights, gender equality and environmental issues. My clients and references include: Transhelvetica, France Parrainages, Embolo Foundation, International Tribal Alliance, NGO Photographers Alliance, Lifeproof and various furniture and Accessories companies in Switzerland.

As a photographer, I regularly do assignments for and with non-profit organizations. For the last 1.5 years I have also organized and directed the photo travels of “Cause Photo Travels” together with Dan Romeo. These photo travels help the visited organizations to have quality footage for their fundraising and the visited projects receive material and financial donations from the travel revenue. Travelers in turn benefit from unique encounters and authentic travel experiences in the various countries as well as from 1: 1 workshops to improve their photographic talents.

Impressions from the NGO area can be found here: www.sustainable.photography

Sustainability is important to me. In photography as well as in everyday life. Wherever possible, I try to buy and consume locally and seasonally. When it comes to materials, I make sure that materials are environmentally- and climate-friendly and I recycle accordingly.
Zero Waste
In addition to photography, I am also a zero waste trainer and host workshops for Zero Waste Switzerland. Reducing waste not only protects the household budget, but also the planet.
Protection of animals & environment
For my photos, neither animals, people nor nature have to suffer. I pay attention to plant protection areas and appropriate handling and treatment of any animal models.